Nov 15

1. What is the name of your company and your current (or intended) URL?

  • Bailey Copithorne Illustration/Design

2. Who is the primary contact from your organization and who has final approval on the project? Please list names, titles, email addresses, and phone numbers.

  • Since this is a website of my own personal portfolio work, the sole approval will come from myself. I will ask for advice from others but ultimately I will be the one designing and uploading the images.

3. What is your intended launch date for the website? Are there any outside considerations that might affect the schedule (i.e., PR launch, tradeshow, annual report)?

  • I do not have a specific date for launch, but sometime within the next six months. Hopefully I will have a working website before I enter 4th year, that way I can just upload new images then and focus on finding work from what I have.
  • The schedule may be affected by school itself and how busy I am with the projects.

4. Do you have a specific budget range already established for this project? Can this project be divided into phases to accommodate budget and timing constraints?

  • I do not have a budget for this project yet. Costs will be lowered because I am going to be the one doing mostly all of the work.


1. What are your primary online business objectives with the website? What are your sec­ondary objectives? (Examples include increased sales, marketing/branding awareness, and fewer customer service calls.) Please discuss both long and short-term goals.

  • My first objective with this website is to be able to get my name and my work out. I want to be able to show as many of my capabilities as possible, and what how many different “fields” that I have developed skills in. I want to show that I am not solely an illustrator but that I can also do design and animation and do it well.
  • My secondary objective is obviously being able to find jobs/ a solid career for monetary gain. With the website itself, I want it simple, clean design, that way it is easy for everyone to navigate and it just encourages more and more people to visit the site.

2. What is the main business problem you hope to solve with the website? How will you measure the success of the project?

  • The main business problem is that not enough people know about me or my work. This website will aid in developing connections and allowing the world to taste what I do and what I can do for the future.

3. What existing strategy (both on and offline) is in place to meet the new business objec­tives?

  • My strategy right now is simply developing a really strong portfolio that will in turn make the content of the website very appealing to the audience. I am also learning the skills to build a website, including different programs that I can use. Ultimately, though, I can always get technical help/support with my website. But unless the content is strong, people will not want to look at it.


1. Describe a typical user coming to your website. How often is the user online, and what does he generally use the web for? How old is the user and what does he do for a living? (Use as much detail as possible in profiling your target user. Profile more than one type if appropriate.)

  • The users I want visiting my site are successful business people who have a strong idea for something they need done visually but do not have the skills or means to do so. They will, in turn, see what I do, express their idea to me and I will execute it for them. I want to appeal to an audience that is corporate, between the ages of 25-65, and who have a higher educational level and an appreciation for clean design. This demographic normally uses the web for research, networking and communication, and to discover new business opportunities.

2. What is the primary “action” the user should take when coming to your website (make a purchase, become a member, search for information)?

  • The action I want the user to take would be to make a purchase (of my existing work) or contact me (for commissioning new work.)

3. What are the key reasons why the target user chooses your company’s products and/or services (cost, service, value)?

  • Appealing to the client’s needs is the most important thing. They will pay a price for the highest level of service/satisfaction possible. Ultimately, it is the client that is commissioning, so in the end it is worth the money because they are paying for exactly what they want. If the client is looking for quality, then they should come to me for all of their design/illustrative needs.


1. Use a few adjectives to describe how the user should perceive the website. (Examples include prestigious, friendly, corporate, fun, forward thinking, innovative, and cutting edge.)

  • Clean, conventional, easy to navigate, corporate, professional, aesthetically pleasing, individual, unique, fresh, friendly.

2. How is your company currently perceived offline? Do you want to carry the same kind of message through your website?

  • Offline, I am perceived to be extremely hard-working and focused. My goal is to work professionally and satisfy all the needs/wants of the client at hand. Their ideas and satisfaction are important to me because it helps my business grow. I do want to reflect the same kind of message through my website.

3. How does your company differentiate itself from competitors? Please list competi­tor URLs.

  • The uniqueness of my personality and style sets me apart from my competitors. My competitors are those who have a similar passion for their work as I, and a very high skill level in what they do. Competitors: Iris Wong, Nathan Swayze, Mariana Angeli, Christer Guillergan.

4. List the URLs of any websites you find compelling. What specifically do you like about these websites?

  •  -a website for Richard Perez and his design/illustration work. Limited color palette, interesting graphic shapes, clean design/easy navigation, font choices, hierarchy of navigation, impressive work.
  • -a website for Mike Ruiz photography. Dynamic, fresh, clean design, bold, work is easily accessible, lot’s to look at.


1. Will this website use existing content? If so, what is the source, who is responsible for approval? If not, will you be creating content in-house or require our assis­tance?

  • The website will all have new content. And since I will be updating the content frequently, I am responsible for what goes up there/final approval. It will all be my content, my writing, and my work.

2. Describe visual elements or content that should be utilized from your current mar­keting materials (logo, color scheme, navigation, naming conventions, and so on).

  • I have yet to create a logo for myself. I do have a direction in mind, though. For the design itself, I am envisioning a lot of negative white space. This will aid in having the content of the website be as clear and coherent as possible. I envision the Futura typeface and an interesting color palette, probably in cooler tones, as it is more corporate. In terms of navigation, I want a homepage, about me, design, illustration, purchase, and contact.


1. Are there specific technologies (Flash, DHTML, JavaScript, Real Audio) that you would like to use in the website? If so, how will they enhance the user experience?

  • I would probably add some flash to show various animation things that I am capable of doing. I would add whatever player best suits animations I’ve done in AfterEffects.

2. Will you have database functionality (dynamic content generation, content man­agement, personalization/login)? Do you already have a database in place?

  • Possibly. I do know that I manage the content…

3. Will you require other specific programming needs? Please describe in detail.

  • Probably not.


1. How will people find out about your website? What methods of distributing the URL will you deploy?

  • Through a lot of self advertising and networking in person. i.e posters and business cards, and just through talking to people. Joining a network that promotes people individually, and by allowing access to my website when someone types my name on a search engine.

2. Briefly, what are your short-term marketing plans (specifically, for the website launch and the 12 months following launch)?

  • To get as much attention to the website as possible. Attention to the website means more clients commissioning my work. The entire marketing scheme will require more thought, but for now, self-promotion will grab attention to the site.

3. Do you have an existing or planned marketing strategy in mind to promote this website? If so, please describe.

  • Not yet.

4. Do you intend to keep the website updated? If so, how often? Who is responsible for updating and providing content?

  • Yes, definitely, and often. Because I generate a lot of work, the website will be updated frequently. I will be responsible for updating and providing content.

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